Saddle Fit - A Problem for Horse and Riders

Many horses are “angels on the ground” but continually act up when saddled and mounted. Many owners conclude that they have a “dumb horse” or they decide to be firmer and harsher with their horse.On the other hand, some men conclude that the horse is “a lady’s horse that just doesn’t like men.”  If the horse seems to be “overly happy” when the rider dismounts or if the horse moves well in one direction, but is awkward or balks when asked to change leads,  if the horse is high-headed, continuously tosses and throws its head, the problem may well be an poor fitting saddle. The use of a tie-down or running martingale will not solve problems caused by a poorly fitting saddle

Experienced Saddle Fitter.

Call 403-348-5636 or contact us to arrange an appointment for him to come help fit your horse.


Let Dennis help you choose from  a variety of saddles that you chose, ensuring that the chosen saddle with fit your horse. He will come to the place of your choosing

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Custom Made SidePull


Great for ALL Horses, Sizes from cob to draft size. 
Made with Quality leather and soft rope Mecate reins with  lead rope.  Comes in black or brown.

Order Sidepull or mecate rein separately or order together.

 A Sidepull for all horses! Designed by HorseSense and made by Buckaroo Leather. Made with the finest heavyweight Herman Oak Harness leather for a rich smooth "broke in" feel. Double leather and sewn with soft chap lining and oiled for that soft supple feel.   A size to fit all horses.

Double cheek buckle
Throat latch
Slobber Straps
Jowl strap
Bow, Cowboy Knot,  Browband
Mecate Reins  (soft rein with attached lead rope)
Nickel hardware
Quality performing tack without sacrificing beauty

Imprinted with HS Logo

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HorseSense Recommends: Buckaroo Leather Products
 Quality AMERICAN MADE Horse tack! Inferior imported tack is NOT an option at Buckaroo Leather! One of our most popular items, the Famous Ultimate Chap lined Buckaroo Reins, have gained respect in the training and show rings because of their unmatched quality and broke in supple feel that enhances communication between you and your horse. 

The materials which go into the making of Buckaroo Leather Tack and the craftsmanship employed in its making are elements of the highest importance. Catering to horseman and women with two generations of experience and knowledge applied in the making of riding equipment to the most exacting standards.

Most anyone can find Tack to meet their particular demands on this website! Yet, for the rider who has needs for measurements, alterations or changes to bring their ideas to perfection, Buckaroo leather, has skilled craftsmen to meet their demands. It is Current Impression and Common Talk Buckaroo is The Brand to Demand!