Training YOU to Train your Horse  

All Breeds, Specializing in Gaited Horses
 The philosophy behind confidence training is PARTNERSHIP.


When such training is successfully carried out, horse and owner will trust each other and will work together harmony. To achieve this partnership, both horse and owner must accept training.

Step 1: A Gentle Beginning (usually done in round pen) Ground Manners, Leading
Step 2: Sensitizing (sacking out)  
Step 3: Introducing the Tack
Step 4: Mounting
Step 5: First Ride
Step 6 : Communication,
Step 7:, Pre-Cues, Cues, Enforcers,
Step 8: Exercise's, Speed Control
Step 7: Encouraging  collection & even gaits

Training costs for horses depend upon what is required and will be discussed with owner as to expectations for their horse.

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HorseSense reccomends The Natural Vet
The Natural Vet consists of the following product categories: The Natural Horse Vet, The Natural Pet Vet, Nature For Life and Great Shakes USA!

The Natural Vet companies were founded by Dr. Dan Moore, known throughout as the "The Natural Vet", "Natural Horse Vet", "Natural Pet Vet" or simply "Dr. Dan" by most.

Dr. Dan has appeared on several media outlets and at hundreds of live expos and events. In fact, The Library contains many of the audio/video recordings from these appearances.

Dr. Dan graduated from Auburn University's School Of Veterinary Medicine and has formulated and marketed natural products for people, pets and horses for over two decades and has done business on the internet since 2001 providing products and as one of the first to offer question/answer services as a "virtual" vet.
For years Dr. Dan owned and operated a chain of veterinarian clinics, but in 1995 a series of events in his life left him searching for answers to questions about traditional medicinal practices.

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"I have been an equine veterinarian for 15 years, and a horsewoman all my life. I feel that I am a good judge of the talents and abilities one must posses to be an  effective and successful horse trainer. Dennis Quilliams has a natural talent for handling horses, and has impressed me on many occasions. This inate ability is rare in the horse industry."                                     -Dr. L.M. Poitras, Snoqualmie, WA.