Gaited Horse DVD Set

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Working with & Understanding Gaited Horses.DVD #1
Filmed at actual clinic held near Red Deer, AB.  DVD includes understanding what a 4-beat gait is, how genetics affect gait, saddle fit, exercises to improve gait and MORE!   3.5hours



Exercises for the Pacey & the Trotty Horse  DVD #2
The goal of getting the best gait from your gaited horse is the same goal as with any horse. Regardless if you are looking for a walk, trot, canter or 4-beat gait you want the smoothest gait your horse can give. The ultimate goal of "gaited horse people" is to produce a horse that is "Cadillac Smooth. 

 Hello Mr. Quilliams,
I just wanted to thank you once again for putting together the DVD in such a way that anyone, professional or novice, could understand! It has been almost two months since I have used your methods on Paladin. I was ready to give up on him ever gaiting like his well known father... when I found your DVD. He is gaiting beautifully, his topline has improved considerably, and his caboose is to die for!! Lol! Thanks again, and if you are ever in NC. feel free to stop in!
Your fans, Pati O'Toole and Paladin (RMH)