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HorseSense believes in Education:

Host a clinic.  Weekends or  weekly training sessions at your location

Teaching people to train their horses

Teaching horses to respond to their people

Teaching proper saddle fit and tack use

Teaching both able bodied riders and riders with special needs to be "one" with their horse.

Using a system of Pre-cue, Cues & Enforcer you will learn to better communicate with your horse.

You will learn "from the ground up" how to groom, do hoof care, leading, and general health care.

Lessons available using your horse and your place, OR your horse brought to my place OR using my horse at my place. 

Experienced with all ages, skill levels and abilities.

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Training YOU to Train your Horse 

All Breeds, Specializing in Gaited Horses
 The philosophy behind confidence training is PARTNERSHIP. 

When such training is successfully carried out, horse and owner will trust each other and will work together in harmony. To achieve this partnership, both horse and owner must accept training.


The Correct Saddle and saddle fit makes all the difference.

Go bitless with the custom made sidepull for all horses. 

Saddle fit and tack consulting for all breeds

 Special Ability HorseManShip started about 13 years ago. Actually, it began with a love of horses that Dennis had since he was a youngster. When he married Karen, he  began his journey with riders who have some "special needs" And  the journey led into working with people who want to experience "HORSES". 




Saddle & Tack  Fitting

Pre-purchase to help match horse to rider.

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Breeding & Foaling

2 DVD Set to help you get the best gait from your gaited horse.  With gait explanation and exercises to get the smoothest gait! 



Special Ability HorseManShip

Special Ability HorseManShip started about 13 years ago. Actually, it began with a love of horses that Dennis had since he was a youngster. When he married Karen,he  began his journey with riders who have some "special needs" And  the journey led into working with people who want to experience "HORSES". 

Dennis began his adventure in working with horses & people with special needs, when he married his wife, Karen, in 1971. Karen had polio and had some lasting effects from it. In the 80's she experienced post polio syndrome.  Her continuing love of horses and riding, led them to learning about riding with a special ability. And learn they did!  And in that learning, found that horses were great therapy, both for mind and body. They soon became very interested in therapeutic riding and finding out all they could about the benefits of horses and people with special abilities.


In 2001, Dennis and Karen moved to Red Deer, Alberta.  Very quickly they became acquainted with a therapeutic riding club. Starting by serving on the board, they soon became more active in the club itself. Volunteering as side walker and leader, Dennis began to realize that his past training and experience was put to good use in working with children and adults. He soon became program director, overseeing all aspects of the program.  Along with taking some courses on various abilities, he studied various techniques of teaching riders who had those special abilities. For many years he worked with the club, as well as providing private horsemanship lessons to riders of all ages and abilities. At the conclusion of his time with the club, he moved into providing one-one-one horsemanship lessons for people with special abilities. 


Dennis and Karen have taken many courses to enable them to better work with individuals with special and unique needs. 


From the autistic child who learned to speak while riding a horse to the development and strengthening of core muscles of the child with cerebral palsy to helping the adult with a learning disability, Dennis has proven his ability to share with those who have physical, emotional or mental struggles. He has also worked with children at risk with a local school councilor. Riding for Special Needs in Red Deer


He continues to train horses, conduct training/riding clinics and give HorseManShip lessons to both able bodied people and those with special needs.  


Horses and people with special needs in Red Deer. HorseSense HorseManShip in Red Deer 



The Quilliams method of horse training results from years of experience. Dennis incorporates the philosophy of training from other Natural Horsemen. Dennis bases his philosophy of training on the mutual respect of horse to man and man to horse. Dennis began his love of horses as a young man (40+years ago). He lived in the middle of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


So he had to hunt to find that “elusive dream”. At the age of 12, he mucked stalls at a local riding stable in exchange for lessons. Beginning with riding English, he soon proved to be a natural horseman and advanced from riding to teaching. He trained his first horse within that first year.

Dennis went on to work at various ranches in Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan, continuing his learning and training of ranch horses. He has worked with & trained Quarter horses, Appaloosas, Pintos, Arabian, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, and Trekaneners, to name just a few. For several years he worked as Manager and Trainer, on a gaited horse ranch, in Snoqualmie, WA. While on the ranch he trained Gaited Mountain Horses, Tennessee Walkers, Saddle Breds, Peruvians, and Paso Fino.

He begins working with foals as young as possible.   Halter training begins early, when he teaches them to halter and lead.  He will pony the foal along side the mother and go for the first trail ride. 

When the horse is a yearling Dennis will do some round pen work, and reinforce the lessons of leading.  Saddle training begins between 2 and 3 years of age

Using the resistance free methods of training he is also able to retrain older horses as well as work with problem horses.  After an initial evaluation of horse and rider he is able to give an estimate of what time is needed.  His primary focus is to enable the horse and rider to enjoy each others company as they head out for their activities together.

For the gaited horses, Dennis uses a variety of exercises to encourage and enhance the gait.  As with all horses muscle development is very important, as is the maturity of the horse. HorseSense HorseManShip offers gaited horse education clinics in Red Deer and elsewhere.

Specialty training, such as neck-reining and further education of the horses is dependent upon the horses ability and maturity,  as well as  the rider’s ability.

Trainers Training: University of Manitoba - Agriculture;  John Lyons Clinics, TTEAM clinics, Centered Connecting Riding clinics,  Pat Parelli Clinics, Buck Brannaman, Studied Ray Hunt, Tom & Bill Dorrance Methods,   Member of Certified Horseman Association (CHA), Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF), 

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36304 C & E Trail, Grandview Cabin and Horse Pasture

(403) 348-5636

From Red Deer  via C & E tail. Go down 32nd(west) onto the  C & E trail . Continue south west down C & E to the stop sign (about 15 min from RDC) Cross over the pavement continuing south another 5k. Go up  driveway to the outdoor arena & tack cabin

From Red Deer via Hwy 2A to Penhold. Turn west onto Hwy 592, (Fas Gas) travel 4k to C & E trail, turn south on C & E trail and go 5 k. Go up the  driveway to the outdoor arena &  tack cabin

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