Clinics  led by Sue Falkner March

What Sue's Program Offers: Connected Riding and Groundwork to all disciplines with a background of Centered Riding. TTEAM Clinics with Connected Groundwork. Connected Groundwork for humans. Helping individual owners retrain horses with physical or behavioral issues, using techniques from Connected Riding and Groundwork, Centered Riding, the TTEAM method and Clicker Training. Application of Alexander Technique principals in working with riders' posture awareness.

 Teaching Preferences:
One-on-one, small groups, lesson format, clinics, horse training, group talks, lectures, presentations, demos, horse expo.

Professional Credentials:Connected Riding Practitioner, Green
Centered Riding Level 3 Clinician/Instructor, TTEAM Practitioner II
Certified Farrier-Olds College, Riding Instructor & Horsemanship Course Okanagan College

A word from Peggy:
"Sue is a very conscientious, empathic teacher who ensures the safety and comfort of horse, rider, and learning environment. She is a caring teacher who pays close attention to the needs of her students."

Sue about Connected Riding
“As a teacher, Connected Riding has given me many wonderful new tools to support physical and mental well-being in rider and horse, at the same time that its concepts are promoting increased athletic ability. As a rider, Connected Riding has given me unique and highly effective tools to help my horse comfortably come into self carriage, free of tension and compression.”

Pay deposit NOW, remainder prior to clinic or pay deposit and remainder cost  amount now.  $50 deposit PLUS Participant $225  or Horse/Rider $275
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TTEAM offers positive solutions to common issues such as:

Sore back



Nervousness and tension

Inconsistent performance

Lameness or unevenness of stride

Cinchiness, bucking and rearing

Resistance to the vet and farrier

Head tossing and tail wringing

Biting or kicking

Pulling back when tied


Resistance to grooming or saddling

TTEAM was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones. With an extensive equine background and show career in eventing, dressage, English and Western pleasure, jumping and steeple chasing, side-saddle and endurance riding, Linda has been teaching TTEAM throughout the world for the last thirty years. She is the author of 19 videos and 11 books in 12 languages.

Centered Riding, with Connected Riding Principles and TTOUCH
2016 Dates TBA

This weekend workshop is for those who want to "grow" in their use of Centered/Connected riding and TTOUCH.

Open to all levels of riders,  All breeds of horses, Riding with a bit of TTouch

Centered Riding Clinic with some Connected Riding principles being presented

For those with previous experience with a TTOUCH Clinic and and/or Connected/Centered Clinic.

OR just those who have read about it and want to know more.

Bring your own horse,  or use one of ours,  and be ready to learn more!

Coffee and lunch provided


  Total for horse/rider is $350.00 (& GST)
Participant $250.00 for 2 days.(&gst)
Non refundable deposit $50 due with registration

 2016 Dates TBA

Total for horse/rider is $325.00 (& GST)

Participant / auditor  $275 for 2 days.(&gst)

Includes coffee/snacks and lunch

Non-refundable deposit $50.00 due: 10 days prior

Accepting 12 horses/riders and 10 participants.

Connected Riding Clinic
2016 Dates TBA

Total for horse/rider is $325.00 (& GST) 

Participant/ auditor $275 for 2 days.(&gst)

Includes coffee/snacks and lunch

Non refundable deposit $50 due: 10 days prior

This is a clinic you will not want to miss!  Accepting 12 horses/riders and 10 participants.

Learn these methods, which are based on classical riding principles, to promote comfort and athletic ability in horse and rider.  Riders relate they have more ease and lightness in their riding and that their horses are happier, more willing partners.  Centered riding helps riders achieve their own and their horses best potential, removing fear, pressure and uneccessary tension and helping riders understand how to use their bodies better. It applies to all kinds of horsemanship and any type of horse or rider. Entered Riding techniques have been used by riders, trainers and instructors of all levels from beginners and pleasure riders to Olympic competitors. Centered riding helps you become more aware of your body and its potential. You discouver an inner balance, serenity and control that allows for greater freedom, suppleness and coordination: your horse will respond with increased balance, poise and forward motion. You and your horse become one, enjoying open communication and ease of movement.  It can give you a new perspective on riding and other aspects of your life.

TTOUCH is  training approach that encourages optimal performance and well - being for both horse and rider.  TTOUCH is also used on all animals and people.

 Based on the understanding that behavior issues are often caused by pain, soreness, fear or tension in the body, TTEAM addresses these underlying issues through a combination of TTouch Body Work,  with specific TTEAM Ground Exercises.

TTouch Body Work

TTEAM practitioners use a light touch exploration to find areas in a horse’s body that indicate tension, fear of contact, soreness or discomfort. Specific touches and movements known as TTouch are then applied to the horse's body and can release muscle tension, ease discomfort, and improve posture which leads to better mobility and performance. [Note! Click on images to see larger views.]

TTEAM Ground Exercises

Ground Exercises enable a horse to override habitual patterns of posture and movement and to learn without fear or force. Using a variety of obstacles including labyrinth, ground poles and plastic, TTEAM exercises in the “TTouch Confidence Course” results in improved self-control, focus, self-confidence, cooperation, balance and coordination. Moreover, many unique ways of leading a horse provide opportunities for both horse and rider to increase ability and coordination.

With TTEAM training, Horses often demonstrate marked improvement in athletic skills and increased willingness and ability to perform. Not only does the horse benefit, but also a deeper rapport grows between horse and rider because of better understanding and more effective communication.