Quvah Training

with your horse begins with

you watching him and

learning about him. 

The Qavah Method of Training Horses is not a “quick-fix” or magical method. It requires patience and understanding along with a desire to form a relationship with the horse that provides both horse and rider pleasure and comfort.The basis of this method is COMMUNICATION.

PDF $15.00

For Young Horse Lovers



means you will act in a

right, proper

and effective way

This workbook is designed for young people & their parents. There are lots of "hands" on activities, such as coloring pages, quizzes and word games. Written in an easy to follow and understandable way for children to expand their horsemanship knowledge, in a fun way.

There are 60 pages, with lots of color pictures
PDF $10.00

Bucky The Miracle Mini

means that you will always

give the same cues and

handle him the same way

A short story for children. Sharing the story of a miniature horse, Bucky, who has a disability with his back legs. Bucky tells his story in his own words and tells children with special needs that they are loved!  All children, with special needs or not, are loved by our Father God.

PDF $5.00

 Educational Materials from HorseSense HorseManShip

Gaited Horses

means that you

understand your horse
and he understands you

A book about Gaited Horses. Comprehensive information on the various gaits and the foot fall action. Easy to understand exercises to help you improve the gait of your horse.

 PDF $10.00

Hello Mr. Quilliams,
I just wanted to thank you once again for putting together the DVD in such a way that anyone, professional or novice, could understand! It has been almost two months since I have used your methods on Paladin. I was ready to give up on him ever gaiting like his well known father... when I found your DVD. He is gaiting beautifully, his topline has improved considerably, and his caboose is to die for!! Lol! Thanks again, and if you are ever in NC. feel free to stop in!
Your fans, Pati O'Toole and Paladin (RMH)

Working with and Understanding Gaited Horses DVD'S

Saddle Fit


means that you know your

horse well and treat him

as he wants to be treated.

Often a "problem horse" is a "problem saddle".  Proper Saddle
fit is ESSENTIAL for a happy horse and comfortable ride.

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Working with and Understanding Gaited Horses.DVD #1
Filmed at actual clinic held near Red Deer, AB.  DVD includes understanding what a 4-beat gait is, how genetics affect gait, saddle fit, exercises to improve gait and MORE!   3.5hours

Do you know what gait your horse is doing?  Do you understand how genetics affect gait? Do you want to improve and enhanse the gait of your horse?  Understanding various gaits from walk to singlefoot to running walk and canter, this dvd can help you explore the various actions that gaited horses do.  Included is an explanation of the gait chart, some exercises to imrove the gait, detailed worshop on saddle fit and a quick introduction to TTouch. 3.5hours of understanding and working with gaited horses.  $30.00 plus S&H

Exercises for the Pacey and the Trotty Horse  DVD # 2
The goal of getting the best gait from your gaited horse is the same goal as with any horse. Regardless if you are looking for a walk, trot, canter or 4-beat gait you want the smoothest gait your horse can give. The ultimate goal of "gaited horse people" is to produce a horse that is "Cadillac Smooth. "Genetics play a huge part in producing the smooth gaited horses.  With good breeding and bloodlines the 4-beat gait will be inherent in the horse. With some training to enhance the gait, exercises to bring out the best along with maturity and consistency, your horse will be the smooth partner you desire. The more relaxed, the more flexible and the more he can move freely, the smoother the gait will be.In this DVD  you will see some practical training exercise for you to do with your gaited horse.
Enjoy and wishing you "Happy Smooth Trails"  $30.00  plus S&H

SPECIAL: $40 includes both DVD's plus the FREE
Understanding and Working with Gaited Horses Manual



 of your horse will decide,

to a great extent, if they are

suitable for what you need

in a horse

Good conformation is an important building block, enabling your horse to perform to his maximum potential. Without good conformation, your horse is not able to reach his peak performance for any length of time, how long and how useful your horse can be is based on his ability to perform.

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