Consulting & Clinics:

Saddle & Tack  Fitting

Pre-purchase to help match horse to rider.

Trailer Loading

Horse Transportation $1.50/k

Breeding & Foaling

Host a clinic.      


Weekends or  weekly training sessions at your location

HorseSense Education Wheel

CONFIDENCE: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper & effective way
CONSISTENCY: uniform or persistent occurrence or re-occurance
COMPASSION: involves tenderness & understanding
CONNECTION: a union, to join, link or bond
COMMUNICATION: transferring what is in your mind so the horse clearly understands.

"Dennis also achieves remarkable results with riders as well. This was demonstrated very well last fall when he organized and led a group of riders, affectionately called the "nervous to novice" group, with the goal of addressing concerns and difficulties faced by those new to the horse world. He is equally at home addressing advanced training concerns regarding both horse and rider. Dennis's devotion to the horse world is consistently demonstrated in his efforts to raise the level of awareness for riders, owners and horse lovers like"        -Joanne Emerson, North Bend, WA. 

Directions :
Directions: From Red Deer  via C & E tail. Go down 32nd(west) onto the  C & E trail . Continue south west down C & E to the stop sign (about 15 min from RDC) . Cross over the pavement continuing south another 5k. Address is 36304 C & E Trail, Grandview Cabin and Horse Pasture on the sign.                

From Red Deer via Hwy 2A to Penhold. Turn west onto Hwy 592, (Fas Gas) travel 4k to C & E trail, turn south on C & E trail and go 5 k to #36304

HorseManShip & Riding Lessons:
Communication is translating what is in your mind to the mind of the horse so that he can see, hear & understand exactly what it is that you are trying to communicate. Using a system of Pre-cue, Cues & Enforcer you will learn to better communicate with your horse.

You will learn "from the ground up" how to groom, do hoof care, leading, and general health care.

Lessons available using your horse and your place, OR your horse brought to my place OR using my horse at my place. 

Experienced with all ages, skill levels and abilities.
$50/hour (&gst)

Pricing: $45/hr  using your horses at my place
(you haul your horse here)
Your horse $45/hr plus Travel cost to your place
 $50/hr using my horse & place

 Training YOU to Train your Horse 

All Breeds, Specializing in Gaited Horses
 The philosophy behind confidence training is PARTNERSHIP. 

When such training is successfully carried out, horse and owner will trust each other and will work together harmony. To achieve this partnership, both horse and owner must accept training.

Step 1: A Gentle Beginning (usually done in round pen) Ground Manners, Leading
Step 2: Sensitizing (sacking out)  
Step 3: Introducing the Tack
Step 4: Mounting
Step 5: First Ride
Step 6 : Communication,
Step 7:, Pre-Cues, Cues, Enforcers,
Step 8: Exercise's, Speed Control
Step 7: Encouraging  collection & even gaits

Training costs for horses depend upon what is required and will be discussed with owner as to expectations for their horse.