2. Ground Work:  It is important to do some ground work with all horses. This will help build your confidence, the horse’s confidence and build connection between owner and rider.  Regardless of age or training of the horse, doing ground work is imperative.  Length of time and what is done does change with the level of training the horse has already had.

  • A. Round Pen work includes: Working in the round pen always begins with the horse being free without any halter or ropes on the horse.  What the horse will learn in the round pen (Quavah Training) is:  horse coming to you, following, leading without halter/rope, standing by themselves where you request, mutual respect between horse/trainer, learning body language, understanding cycles of the horse’s learning, spooking in place, grooming, handling feet, haltering, leading with lead rope, manners
  • B. Trailer Loading: loading, standing in trailer, unloading, straight trailer or slant load trailers, much of trailer loading begins in the round pen with learning to lead and stand.
  • C. Lunging: How is it done, is it important, and why use lunging? Gaited horses and lunging
  • D. Ground Driving: What is the value of ground driving? Teaching respect and “steering” with the reins, getting forward           movement from behind.
  • E. TTOUCH: Observation of the horse, how it moves, discovering issue the horse might be having and ways to help,how it can help soften and sensitize your horse, Helps your horse learn to accept being handled and ridden, teaching your horse to remain calm. Helping horse to be aware of himself and how he carries himself.  Books/DVD by Linda Tellington Jones.   

Training Ground work will build connection with your horse, as he/she learns what you want.  Your body language is all important.