6. Understanding Gaits: All horses have gaits – walk, trot, lope, canter, and gallop. Gaited Horses have

                                          a 4-beat gait.

  • A. Understanding lateral and diagonal gaits using the HorseSense Gait chart. Realizing how genetics affect     gait. Learning about footfall & cadence.
  • B. How to get the gait you want exercises to improve gaits. For the gaited horse exercises designed for the      trotty horse or the pacy horse.
  • C. Maintaining consistency of the gait you want.  HS/DVD Working with & Understanding Gaited Horses

 Gaited horses have a wonderful smooth natural gait, however, proper training will bring out the most comfortable gait in your horse. You can also get a smoother trot in a trotting horse.